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Business to Business



B2B stands for Business-to-Business and describes the business relationship and work between at least two companies. To put it simply, with B2B we offer services in the cultural sector. However, we do not see ourselves as a large service company that simply processes what a client commissions, but also as (creative) added value and reliable partner of a project or company.


There are no limits to the variety of activities and areas of responsibility that we offer and carry out for you. For example, tour and travel planning, event planning and execution, social-media-management, the programmatic design of (city-) festivals, or even production assistance/ production management of a festival, are possible areas of cooperation.

Partner instead of customer

We can already look back on B2B partnerships like the multiple ECHO Classic winner Dorothea Oberlinger, the Classical Beat Festival, the KürbiZ Festival and the city of Lahr.