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Friedrich Chiller is a German Indie Band that are on their way to revival the old world-famous German poetry. After Goethe, Rilke and Schiller, Friedrich Chiller is climbing to the top and bound to write German music and poetry history!
Their success recipe is as simple as that:
250 ml. of calmness,
600 ml. of impressive command of words and
150 ml. of an irresistible groove, paired with an indie sound, that leads to a necessity to dance and enjoy, irrespective of the format. With some Hip-Hop influences, Indie and Funk elements, the three friends go new ways and are aiming to convert German music to be “cool”!


The message of this new prophet for good music and spread in whole Germany. This is stated in reviews in different magazines, like SPIESSER or Twisted Mal Mag, as well as performances on famous festivals, like the StuStaCulum in Munich.

After the release of their first EP “Wunschinsel”